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Business Intelligence Manager


San Diego, CA, USA

The Business Intelligence Manager is responsible for leading the central department known as Business Intelligence. BI’s role is to support the shared data needs of the organization and to own/manage key data sets for optimal data quality and use organizationally and by individual lines of business. The data sets owned/ managed by BI include both internal reports, continuous financial reporting, and compliance related reports.

As manager of BI, the duties include working closely with the executive team and their staff of analysts. The manager of BI is responsible for collaborating across departments to determine internal reporting needs, gather the information from CHW departments, identify the primary sources of data for accurate reporting, perform quality assurance, and produce internal reports, scorecards, and/or compliance reporting.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with real estate development and asset management departments to create a real estate database to be used by the organization. This includes developing metrics for portfolio-wide reporting.
  • Establish a regular resident demographic reporting system that could be used internally and is comprehensive of all department needs.
  • Manage a CHW scorecard (after developed by senior leadership)
  • Collaborate with Achieve department to develop a system for tracking resident Financial well-being which will then be updated by a member of the BI team
  • Create automated processes for the import of data from external databases relevant to internal systems
  • Respond to compliance requirements for external organizations, such as NeighborWorks, HPN, SAM, and other regular reporting (Quarterly and Annual)
  • Maintain the REO (Real Estate Owned) report based on the annual portfolio property audits.
  • Generate Real Estate Development Planning Tool on a quarterly basis (DPT).
  • Develop a system to automate participant tracking from community centers to a central database.
  • Maintain the Portfolio Statistics Report (Monthly) to include re-design as needed
  • Monitor the export and import data from and to the ETO Database on an as-needed basis
  • Maintain data documentation across the BI department to ensure process of producing reports is universal
  • Monitor the tracking of grants which includes private funders and government compliance
  • Develop BI staff including becoming proficient in internal databases (including the DPT, SharePoint, and BI internal Property Database)

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • 5 plus years of professional business experience preferably including: real estate management, understanding of financial statements, understanding of a multi-entity organization, data management, budgeting/forecasting, and analysis of financial reports.
  • Minimum of 3-5-year experience in financial reporting. Preferably relating to real estate and not-for-profit industries.
  • Experience with identifying historical 12 month trends across real estate asset holdings and other financial reports including the basics of accounting principals
  • Ability to report to multiple stakeholders and balance workload. This includes being able to adapt continuously to meet stakeholders needs.
  • Demonstrated knowledge base in statistics and statistical reporting
  • Ability to query data to match pre-determined needs
  • Quality control ability and attention to detail
  • Exceptional attention to detail. Ability to handle large amounts of data and present and interpret
  • Analytical; inquisitive by nature
  • Self-motivated to develop new department reports while still meeting current deadlines.
  • Intermediate to Expert in Microsoft Excel (Vlookup, pivot table, VBA, etc)
  • The ability to produce clear, concise, and compelling written reports developed by utilizing critical thinking questions and problem solving skills
  • Demonstrated organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple tasks.
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and in a team setting

Education & Experience:

  • Minimum education required: Bachelor’s degree in Finance/ business related field with 5 years of work experience.
  • Expertise in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook
  • Familiarity with relational database concepts such as Access
  • Experience downloading and uploading datasets from external interphases
  • Ability to discuss concepts and issues and purpose alternatives within department and with Stakeholders that are not familiar with data terms.

Community HousingWorks

Why Work Here?

Awesome CEO, award -winning team, great benefits and opportunity for growth!

Community HousingWorks (CHW) is a California non-profit organization that has been building and owning affordable apartments that help people and communities move up in the world for nearly 30 years. We are counted among the top 50 affordable housing developers in the nation, with over 3,300 affordable apartments statewide serving low income working families, seniors, and homeless and disabled residents. Many CHW employees say, “It’s the best place I’ve ever worked”. Your work will grow our resident success, so that CHW onsite programs can provide even more residents with powerful tools for next gen success, financial well-being, health and independence. It all starts with a home.


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