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Chief Executive Officer


Boston, MA, USA

Chief Executive Officer

Massachusetts Port Authority

Boston, MA

The Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) invites nominations and applications for the position of chief executive officer (CEO). Massport was created by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1956 as a revenue-generating, public authority, capable of issuing its own revenue bonds—without the full faith and credit of the Commonwealth—and governed by a publicly appointed Board of Directors. The Authority strives to enhance the quality of life of New England residents and protect the freedom to travel safely, securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively while embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion, and minimizing the impact of transportation services on neighboring communities and the environment. Massport employs nearly 1,300 people and its partners on its facilities employ an additional 18,000 employees. In FY 2019, it will have revenues of $823 million, up 5.1 percent from FY 2018. Massport is entirely revenue supported with no tax revenue from the Commonwealth. It is a prime economic engine for the state and the region.

Massport is divided into three primary business lines: Aviation, Maritime, and Real Estate. The aviation division operates three airports across Massachusetts: Boston Logan International Airport, Hanscom Field, and Worcester Regional Airport. The division has seen tremendous growth over the past ten years, fueled by the Commonwealth's strong and diversified economy and projections call for increased growth in the future.

Boston has always been a hub for maritime commerce and this business remains an economic driver of the region today. The Port of Boston includes Conley Container Terminal, the only full-service container terminal in New England; the Flynn Cruiseport Terminal; the Boston Autoport; and seafood processing facilities at Fish Pier and the Massport Marine Terminal. To prepare for future growth, Massport is investing in modernizing the facility to build big ship capabilities that will accommodate the next generation of ships following the 2016 expansion of the Panama Canal.

Massport owns, manages, or ground leases approximately 650 acres of maritime, industrial, and commercial waterfront property in South Boston, East Boston, and Charlestown. These real estate holdings generate new and sustainable revenue sources to support Massport's maritime operations, produce regional economic development through jobs, taxes, and other contributions, and enable collaborative city building that supports the City of Boston and its communities.

Massport's accomplishments under its recent leadership have been remarkable across all of its lines of business and with all of its constituents. In the coming years, the Authority must sustain momentum and tackle the new challenges that are born both of its success and of the vitality of the region. The next CEO will further articulate and advance a unified vision of the Authority and its mission and goals, prepare for ongoing growth in passenger volume at Logan while continuing to strengthen Worcester Regional Airport and Hanscom Field, complete the facilities transformation and sustain business revitalization of the Port of Boston, and nurture and continually reinvest in Massport's crucial alliances and partnerships.

The Massport Board is seeking a highly respected professional with proven leadership skills, including experience in highly visible public, civic, or philanthropic roles as well as extensive experience in all critical functions of leading a large, complex organization. While transportation, aviation, port, and/or multi-modal experience is a distinct plus, it is not a requirement for consideration.



The Authority has retained the executive search firm of Isaacson, Miller to assist with this recruitment. Confidential inquiries, nominations/referrals, and resumes with cover letters should be sent electronically and in confidence to:


John Isaacson, Lisa Savereid, or Jeff Kessner

Isaacson, Miller

263 Summer Street

Boston, MA 02210

Massport is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer that prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of age, ancestry, color, disability, gender, gender expression and identity, national origin, race, religious creed, sexual orientation or veteran status.

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