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Chief Operations Officer


Santa Cruz, CA, USA


Reporting to the CEO, the Chief Operations Officer will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for Encompass Community Services' business performance, data analysis and reporting, IT, and quality assurance. This highly strategic role will oversee the operational effectiveness of Encompass, an organization with a budget of approximately $30 million and 500+ employees.

This is one of those rare opportunities to make a lasting impact in a beautiful community with a collaborative approach to healthcare. Encompass, which is Santa Cruz County's largest health and human services organization, has been counted on to provide critical services to children, adults, and families for 46 years. The organization is now in the midst of a forward-looking, exciting transformation in response to the changing health and human services environment locally and nationally.

The primary focus of the Chief Operations Officer is to build operational excellence, ensuring that the programs operate as a person-centered continuum of high quality, data-driven, and financially sustainable services.
The COO will be supported in this effort through a close working executive leadership team that includes the Chief Finance Officer, Human Resource Director, Clinical Director, as well as senior leaders managing the four service areas (Adult Integrated Behavioral Health, Youth and Family Integrated Behavioral Health, Child and Family Development, and Health and Housing). This role will lead a team of administrative managers in creating improved systems and establishing efficient workflows that are informed by data and a robust continuous quality improvement approach. This new executive leadership position has been designed to align with, and support, the organization's strategic goals for the next 3-5 years.
The ideal candidate is someone driven by the vision of creating health equity, enjoys building teams, and cares about people, cultures, systems, and diversity. If you are a champion for social justice, can create a climate where people are inspired to do their very best, and are comfortable establishing data-driven systems in a changing environment, you will thrive in this role.

The COO will primarily focus on internal operations including establishing program performance metrics and overseeing growth, managing information sharing (including implementation of an EHR/coordinated-care platform) and program reporting, CQI, and ensuring regulatory compliance and quality improvement initiatives are established and met. The COO will partner closely with the CEO to chart Encompass's future growth and strategic response to an ever-increasing demand for high-quality services.

A mission-focused, seasoned, strategic, and process-minded leader with experience developing a performance culture among a group of diverse, talented individuals, the COO must be a leader who is able to help others at Encompass deliver measurable, cost-effective results that make the vision a reality. The COO will also serve as the "right hand" of the CEO, and will be called upon as the operational leader or second in command when necessary.

The COO will lead business strategy and development, data and analysis, IT, and compliance, and will have the following responsibilities:

Strategy Development
•Working in partnership with the CEO, create a multi-year business strategy and implement new processes and approaches to achieve it
•Provide service line leadership and input for all business planning processes with the CEO and staff
•Develop thought leadership around emerging best practices and business opportunities
•Partner with the CEO to represent Encompass with external constituency groups, including community, governmental, and private organizations

Service Line Development
•On an ongoing basis, review services being offered and develop new programs as needs and opportunities emerge
•Lead and manage program expansion to
 -Generate sufficient revenue to cover costs
 -Develop and negotiate contracts
 -Pursue new and diverse contracting opportunities
•Identify growth opportunities and priorities
•Communicate the branded message internally and externally
•Oversee administrative aspects including proposal preparation and grant writing

Data Analysis/Measurement/IT
•Lead the performance management process that establishes, measures, and evaluates progress against goals for the organization
•Develop and implement systems for reporting, measurement and supporting revenue generation
•Share in knowledge dissemination, reporting, and communications
•Implement and lead a continuous quality improvement process throughout the program and service areas, focusing on systems/process improvement
•Promote regular and ongoing opportunities for all staff to give feedback on program operations
•Create and improve upon key impact measurements
•Analyze the current technology infrastructure and scope out the next level of information technology that support the growth of programs and the organization overall

Advisor to Program Leadership
•Along with the CEO, will provide mentoring and coaching to the program leaders and be a visible, approachable sounding board/resource
•Provide effective and inspiring leadership, as well as stewardship, of Encompass by being actively involved in all programs and services
•Identify best practices and improve internal programmatic systems with an eye toward future needs and budget realities
•Inform the CEO, and ultimately the Board of Trustees, of all program issues and accomplishments

Quality Assurance
•Support in maintaining certifications, licensing, accreditations, and regulatory grant requirements
•Ensure compliance and quality improvement

Fiscal Partnership
•Develop, implement, and manage the program aspects of the annual budget in conjunction with the program leaders, CFO, and CEO
•Ensure the continued financial viability of Encompass's services through sound management
•Develop and negotiate existing and new contracts in partnership with CEO, CFO and program leadership
•Manage effectively within budget and report accurately on progress made and challenges encountered

Education and Experience
•An advanced degree in public health, public administration, business, public policy, communications, education or similar field preferred
•Minimum of 5 years' experience at the executive level or in senior leadership capacity with an organization providing clinical services, public health, behavioral health, child development or related area in health or social services
•Deep experience in creating, managing, monitoring, and evaluating programs, including proficiency in continuous quality improvement processes
•Must have competence in establishing, strengthening and maintaining relationships with multiple agencies, healthcare providers, businesses, and stakeholders
•Proficient in contract management, including proposal development, budget negotiation, reporting, and diverse reimbursement structures
•Demonstrated ability to use economic, financial, market and industry data to understand and improve business results
•Proven track record of project management, writing, policy analysis, budget, change management, and organizational development
•Demonstrated leadership ability exemplified by a capacity to think strategically and implement tactically to consistently deliver results; well-developed skills in diplomacy and collaboration; and ability to develop and lead high performance and collaborative teams.

About Encompass
Encompass Community Services is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization that has been serving Santa Cruz County since 1973. With an operating budget of $30m and over 500 employees, Encompass provides services in behavioral health, family and social well-being, early childhood education, housing, and more. Over the last several years, Encompass has been undergoing a transformation to grow beyond its grassroots foundation to become an evidence-based, trauma-informed, and accredited provider of health and human services. With these changes come opportunities to forge new partnerships and business relationships that integrate services, creating a whole-person approach to addressing and resolving the social determinants of health.

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