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Communications & Marketing Director


Washington, D.C., USA

Volunteer Fairfax (VF) has an opening for a Communications & Marketing Director in Fairfax, Virginia. This position will lead all aspects of communications and marketing across the organization including developing and implementing communications and marketing plans that promote VF’s strategic priorities, events and initiatives within our service area.


Responsibilities include internal and external communications of the organization, developing and executing media events, creating media materials and other toolkits to inform key stakeholders about the benefits of volunteerism.

The position interacts with VF board leadership, senior management, staff, media, stakeholders, volunteers and the general public to enhance VF’s public image and increase the flow of news and information to relevant media with the goal of supporting and impacting the strategic fundraising activities of VF.

The position also serves as a cross-functional role in maintaining internal and external brand continuity in order to advance the mission and public reputation of VF.

Essential Job Duties:

· Develops/implements communications plans that promote VF’s mission, programs, events and initiatives.

· Writes/distributes news releases and other media materials as appropriate to local media.

· Coordinates activity on all VF social media channels, updates and trains staff members on social media trends and techniques.

· Secures media participation in support of VF events.

· Works with Development Director to develop media sponsorship proposals and secure media sponsorships as appropriate.

· Advises CEO and Development staff on media, public relations and general branding issues.

· Serves as the central point of contact in the development and maintenance of the VF brand in all internal and external communications, printed collateral and electronic media.

· Participates in the development, testing and refinement of VF’s re-designed website and is the principal point of contact in overseeing the ongoing updating of web content to assure continuity of VF’s brand and message.

· Implements awareness campaigns on topics on which VF is, or has a goal to be a “leader in the field”. Collaborates with staff and board members to promote “thought leadership” and develop a cross-functional and integrated approach to campaigns.

· Helps fulfill public relations needs of all programs.

· Helps identify, secure and “media-train” local VF Community Ambassadors.

· Tracks all media interactions and develops/maintains VF surrogate and spokesperson database.

· Assists with planning of VF special and annual events, as directed by the CEO.

· Works to place Public Service Announcements (PSA) locally and regionally.

· Manages and helps improve Emergency Response communications for VF programs.

· Develops and oversees implementation of communications plans for VF fundraising events as appropriate.

· Assists with the production of event and other sponsor advertising, as required

· Manages and implements other projects as identified by the CEO.


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