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Director of Policy & Legislative Affairs - State's Attorney for Baltimore City


Baltimore, MD, USA

Class Description



The Director of Policy & Legislative Affairs serves as the direct liaison between the Office of the State's Attorney for Baltimore City (SAO) and elected officials. The position is responsible for establishing internal office communication protocols with state and local representatives. The Director is also responsible for establishing and overseeing the SAO's legislative agenda.  In addition, the Director coordinates and oversees grant funding research, writing and reporting. The position has the following specific duties:

  • Daily supervision of Policy and Legislative Affairs Analysts and Community Liaison assigned to the Policy Unit. This includes, in part, answering legal questions and explaining criminal laws and procedures from an attorney's perspective or providing guidance on the best points of contact internally and externally for legal questions.


  • Regularly research and identify state, federal and private funding opportunities. This includes evaluating opportunities received directly from funders, as well as staying in touch with leadership of major funders including the Maryland Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention (GOCCP) and the U.S. Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA).
  • Network and meet with counterparts in partner agencies and community organizations to lobby for SAO inclusion in large collaborative grant applications This process requires regular outreach; education regarding the work of the SAO; quick responses. 
  • Attend meetings with grantors, such as GOCCP, Abell Foundation and Open Society Institute.
  • Track all grant requests from SAO Deputies and Division Chiefs to stay aware of agency needs.
  • Make strategic decisions including which grants to submit, what to include, and how much funding to request; communicating these decisions to front office
  • Write and/or submit grants when Grants Analysts are unavailable, if demanded by the number of grant deadlines, or if directly related to Director's areas of.
  • Edit grant narratives written by Analysts before submission.
  • Oversee grant reporting; ensure that all programmatic and fiscal reports are submitted on time and that copies are filed in electronic and hard copy form.
  • Coordinate regular grants team meetings to track expenditures and personnel moves; work with Chief of Administration to make decisions about how to respond to under spending or overspending.
  • The Analysts, together with the Director of Policy & Legislative Affairs, is responsible for managing over $6M in grants on behalf of the Office. 


   •     Develop annual state legislative agenda and timeline which requires many internal and external meetings throughout interim (reaching out, scheduling, and attending and/or facilitating).

  • Engage other SAO staff to help develop and promote legislative agenda (particularly Communications and Community Engagement). 
  • Research top policy problems and legislative solutions; decide which problems can be addressed using existing laws and which problems require legislative changes. Communicate these decisions back to relevant staff.
  • Remain in direct contact with State's Attorney to ensure legislative agenda is directly in line with policy agenda and future goals.
  • Track legislative proposals that come from SAO staff.
  • Draft comprehensive legislative proposals and present to State's Attorney for decision making prior to legislative session.
  • Draft legislation; work with DLS drafters to refine; secure sponsors; introduce legislation after securing as many co-sponsors as possible.
  • Attend Baltimore City delegation meetings.
  • Travel to Annapolis during legislative session to represent the State's Attorney.
  • Identify meetings and events that the State's Attorney should attend.
  • Meet with state legislators and advocate for the State's Attorney's legislative agenda.
  • Monitor and attend state legislative, budget hearings and briefings.
  • Track legislation that is on the SAO agenda or bills that we should oppose or support based on positive or negative impact on our agency; decide whether to weigh in by testifying, providing written testimony, drafting/proposing amendments, or meeting with legislators. 
  • Submit written testimony.
  • Decide which ASAs to invite to Annapolis to testify; prepare and brief subject matter experts to represent the SAO.
  • Build stakeholder coalitions during interim and session. This requires identification of stakeholders, coordination with other SAO staff, outreach plan, and drafting of regular communications.
  • Serve as liaison to the Maryland State's Attorneys' Association; attend Board meetings; attend weekly legislative committee meetings during legislative session.
  • Staff State's Attorney at meetings and events with elected representatives.
  • Draft briefing memos for meetings, town halls, and other events.
  • Track issues of importance to each legislator.
  • Answer emails and calls from elected officials; research and respond to requests (these include a wide array of issues such as questions about criminal case status, legislative ideas, requests for information about the juvenile or criminal system, hiring issues, etc.).
  • Reach out personally to elected officials on behalf of the State's Attorney.
  • During budget season, lobby council members to preserve critical funding; articulate need for additional funding.
  • Testify at City Council hearings; attend City Council meetings when topics affecting SAO on the agenda.
  • Track City Council legislation that will affect the SAO; communicate local law changes to the front office.
  • Coordinate with Director of Training to develop and implement legislative training so ASAs are familiar with new laws taking effect before October 1st.  Answer inquiries from ASAs about the new laws.
  • Build practical experience as necessary to represent State's Attorney effectively and enhance credibility in Annapolis with members of key committees.


  • Edit/proofread written material produced by Policy Unit such as Annual Report.
  • Liaison with external entities by connecting individuals to other SAO staff as appropriate, which requires knowledge of functions/duties across entire office.
  • Attend weekly Policy-Communications meetings and help develop agendas.
  • Identify policy-related topics to highlight through social media, print media.

Required – 
• Bachelor's degree.
• 3 - 5 years combined experience in legislative/regulatory affairs and government relations.
• Expertise in political, legislative and regulatory matters at the state level.
• Demonstrated success in lobbying state government.
• Demonstrated ability to assess threats and opportunities in the political and policy arena.
 • Skilled in alliance development at the state level.
• Strong analytical and decision-making skills.
• Proven ability to think strategically and implement tactically.
• Strong interpersonal, negotiation and communication skills (written and verbal).
• Ability to travel to the State Capital in Annapolis, MD during the Maryland General Assembly Legislative Session.
• Strong familiarity with state, federal grant and private/foundation funding opportunities.
• Experience drafting federal and state grant applications.
• Prior experience working directly with GOCCP and BJA.
• An advanced degree in Law with a license to practice in Maryland.
• Demonstrated success in lobbying federal government.
Salary range is $73,868 - $118,085 commensurate with experience plus benefits.


All interested persons should email resume and cover letter to Consideration of resumes will close on Monday, February 18, 2019. Please use Policy & Legislative Affairs Director as the subject reference of your email. Documents must be in pdf or Word format.

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