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Executive Director


Bakersfield, CA 93305, USA




1. Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree

2. Minimum of three years administrative/management experience

3. Experience in the following areas given preference: public speaking, writing skills, grant writing, fund raising, public relations, volunteer management, child abuse and neglect.



The Executive Director is responsible to the Board of Directors of CASA of Kern County.



I. Directs the activities of the CASA program.

A. Program accountability, certification and contracts

1. Sets annual goals in consultation with the Board.

2. Monitors progress toward meeting annual goals and keeps the Board informed.

3. Prepares annual report documenting program statistics for the year.

4. Develops program evaluation in consultation with the Advisory Committee which gives information regarding effectiveness of program.

5. Assures that the CASA Program adheres to any requirements set forth through contractual agreements with granting agencies.     


B. Personnel

1. Works in consultation with the Executive Committee to maintain current appropriate personnel policies and job descriptions.

2. Administers the Personnel Policies in consultation with the Executive Committee.

3. Maintains appropriate number of employees as authorized by the Board with responsibility for hiring employees as directed by the personnel policies.

4. Supervises all employees.

5. Conducts performance evaluations.

6. Maintains personnel records.

7. Verifies payroll records.

8. Conducts monthly staff meetings.

9. Reports staff concerns to the Executive Committee.


C. Volunteer Management

1. Coordinates all volunteer recruitment activities with the Public Relations Committee of the Board.

2. Assures screening procedures are completed on each active volunteer.

3. Keeps training manuals updated in consultation with the Training Coordinator.

4.  Assures that training materials are duplicated and ready for each new class as needed and when requested.

5. Monitors all training classes and in-services.




6. Oversees all volunteer matches and rescissions.

7. Is available for staff/volunteer consultation on cases as needed and when requested.


II. Coordinates all administrative duties as directed by the Board of Directors.

A. Fiscal Management

1. Assists with budget development in consultation with the Treasurer of the Board of Directors.

2. Assists the Treasurer with biannual budget reviews and revisions.

3. Monitors monthly program costs and keeps expenditures within the approved budget.

4. Works with the Administrative Assistant and Treasurer in processing and paying the monthly bills.


B. Fund Raising

1. Is responsible for writing grants to support programs of the CASA organization.

2. Assists with all fund raising activities, projects and special events as directed by the Board.

3. Is an ex-officio member of the Fund Raising Committee and attends all committee meetings.


C. Public Relations

1. Works with the Public Relations Committee of the Board as an ex-officio member and attends all committee meetings.

2. Helps to set annual P. R. Goals and assists in meeting those goals.

3. Assures that adequate and current program literature is available for distribution.

4. Gives presentations within the community regarding the CASA program.

5. Explains and promotes CASA to professional and community organizations.

6. Assists in the publication of the Advocate Update, the CASA of Kern County newsletter.


D. Meetings, Affiliations and Organizations

1. Is a non-voting, ex-officio member of the Board of Directors.

2. Attends all Board meetings, and, if requested, Executive Committee Meetings.

3. Assures program membership in the California CASA Association, attends all state meetings and maintains active involvement where appropriate.

4. Assures program membership in the National CASA Association, attends regional and national conference when possible, and maintains active involvement where appropriate.

5. Affiliates with other local and state organizations where appropriate and as directed by the Board.




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