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Executive Director/School Leadership


Swannanoa, NC 28778, USA


Founded in 2001, ArtSpace is a K-8 public charter school located in Swannanoa, NC (10 minutes from downtown Asheville, NC). ArtSpace utilizes the arts to teach the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. With approximately 400 students, ArtSpace serves children from Asheville, Buncombe County, and nearby counties in Western North Carolina.

ArtSpace’s vision is to be a national benchmark in educational excellence through integration of the arts, utilizing a hands-on, experiential approach to instruction. ArtSpace encourages parental involvement and community service in order to nurture responsible citizenship. An A+ school, ArtSpace aligns itself with the considerable body of educational theory and research supporting an arts-integrated model for the education of children, embracing the idea that the arts are uniquely capable of providing students with a variety of opportunities for academic and personal success.
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ArtSpace Charter School seeks an Executive Director who will advance the school’s vision as a national benchmark in educational excellence through integration of the arts. The Executive Director will actively sustain ArtSpace’s mission to provide a complete K-8 education to its students through an integrated curriculum centered in the visual and performing arts. The ED will shape and strengthen ArtSpace’s culture of collaboration between staff, faculty, students, parents, board, and surrounding community.


Mission & Vision        

  • Engage in and advance the ArtSpace mission, vision, and educational philosophy with experiential learning at the core, at every level    
  • Identify and develop long and short-term goals in support of the ArtSpace mission, vision, and philosophy in collaboration with administrative team    
  • Track and support progress of administrative team in reaching identified goals

Curriculum & Instruction    

  • Guide and work in close collaboration with ArtSpace K-4 and 5-8 directors to develop, evaluate, and revise curriculum and instruction
  • Monitor and interpret test data at all levels, working with K-4 and 5-8 directors to meet or surpass standards, supporting teachers in the process

Faculty & Staff Development

  • Cultivate leadership, growth, and excellence of ArtSpace teachers
  • Engage one-on-one with staff to identify and develop meaningful professional growth opportunities both on and off-site 
  • Lead faculty and staff evaluations with an eye toward professional development and sustainability of individual’s presence in the ArtSpace community
  • Create a healthy, tenable open-door policy with staff and faculty

Family Engagement

  • Integrate parents and families in ArtSpace mission, vision, and educational philosophy
  • Create and maintain a clear channel of communication with ArtSpace parents and families; extend a healthy and tenable open-door policy
  • Foster existing community partnerships and identify possibilities to widen or deepen partnerships within the ArtSpace mission and vision

School Culture and Climate

  • Sustain the ArtSpace culture of collaboration and transparent, informed decision-making, unifying administration and faculty
  • Demonstrate daily commitment and interaction within a positive, caring, and educationally adventurous and lively environment
  • Engage with students daily, modeling respect, leadership, effort, and service
  • Manage all ArtSpace committees and participate in Policy, Safety, Development, Health & Wellness, No Place for Hate, and School Improvement Team (Chair)

Community Relationships & Advocacy

  • Work in collaboration with administration and other stakeholders in continuing to nurture community relationships and advocate for the role and presence of ArtSpace in the region

Human Resources

  • Recruit, hire, place, and mentor staff as appropriate and in accordance with ArtSpace policies and practice


  • Oversee and implement school safety and emergency procedures
  • Ensure compliance with policies and regulations at local, state, and federal levels:
    ○ Title II Grant Writing
    ○ Communications & Reports to Office of Charter Schools
    ○ Licensure & Beginning Teacher Support Program
    ○ Teacher & Staff Evaluations
  • Field and manage all legal matters pertaining to ArtSpace including but not necessarily limited to leases, contracts, and MoUs


  • Steer and implement the school’s short- and long-term strategies for financial management by creating capital campaigns, fundraisers, and managing accounts and investments
  • Work with Business Director to:
    ○ Develop a budget, providing direction for short- and long-term spending priorities
    ○ Coordinate frequent reviews to prevent deficit spending and analyze school cash flow
    ○ Create a three-year budget plan

Board Relations

  • Collaborate with the Partnership for the Arts at the Core of Education (P.A.C.E.) board in strategic planning
  • Provide the P.A.C.E. board with formal reports regarding academic performance, school safety, fundraising, compliance issues, and other related matters
  • Maintain connection and communication with the Foundation for the Arts at the Core of Education (F.A.C.E.) board

Key Qualities & Qualifications

  • Proven visionary, innovative leadership skills with significant commitment to education and the arts
  • Proven capacity to build trust, community, and partnerships with energy and enthusiasm
  • Exceptional communication skills (oral & written) and emotional intelligence
  • Financial acumen and responsible fiscal stewardship: strategic planning and project management
  • Bachelor’s Degree (Master’s Degree preferred)
  • Minimum three years K-8 teaching experience (preferred)



To apply, send a letter of intent and curriculum vitae to:

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