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Manager, Graduate Education


Los Angeles, CA, USA

Summary of Essential Job Duties:
The Manager, Graduate Education is responsible for education compliance, conducts institutional research activities, and provides recommendations to maintain compliance. Manages the development and implementation of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation process for the Cedars-Sinai Graduate Program and coordinates accreditation efforts with faculty and staff. Leads, guides, and directs all matters pertaining to planning, research and evaluation functions that support and document institutional effectiveness. Reviews planning processes and systems, collects, analyzes and presents institutional and benchmarking data to inform college decision-making, planning, policy, and assessment. Develops assessment initiatives that will yield results applicable to the improvement of student learning, provides design and measurement expertise to ensure the quality of assessment. Facilitates the development and implementation of new program accreditation. Acts as a point person for all correspondence between Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and WASC, and attends WASC seminars, training workshops and annual meetings. Responsible for writing and completing accreditation reports, organizing and facilitating on-site meetings with WASC, and meeting WASC report and visit deadlines. Implements and integrates activities, and recommendations in a manner which satisfies a diverse client base including faculty, students and administration. Manages department staff. 

Primary Duties and Responsibilities 

Develops, establishes and maintains an effective broad-based compliance program designed to prevent, monitor and detect areas of non-compliance in the areas of accreditation and student learning. Identifies benchmarking compliance monitoring practices, and implements strategies for potential areas of compliance vulnerability and risk. Reports to senior leadership as necessary regarding compliance matters, potential compliance risks, and appropriate risk avoidance or mitigation strategies. 
Recommends corrective actions to the GRE Committee when necessary to meet compliance requirements. 
Manages, monitors, analyzes, evaluates impact of changing rules and regulations with WSCUC and the Department of Education including the impact to long-range planning and general business operations. Attends WASC meetings in order to receive information and participate in policy development. Collaborates with Director and Graduate Research Education (GRE) Committee to develop strategies in response to the proposed federal regulations and provide analysis on federal regulatory issues. 
Develops, maintains, and communicates institution-wide compliance calendar for all education programs. 
Manages compliance activities with all education programs to ensure all compliance related requirements are met, including timely submission of required reports and required storage of documents. 
Collaborates with Program Directors to develop, maintain, and implement revisions of policies, procedures, and practices to ensure compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws and ensure best business practices are implemented in all areas of responsibility. 
Directs and coordinates program strategic planning and accreditation processes including program priorities, assessment of outcomes, and preparation of reports documenting institutional progress toward state and federal accountability. 
Facilitates new degree program eligibility and develops all documents and reports for new degree accreditation per WASC standards. 
Coordinates policy-making for the Graduate Program including preparation and updating student policy handbook, maintaining website and updating the program catalog. 
Serves as a resource person for institutional self-review and coordinates preparations in advance of evaluation visits. Develops and coordinates evaluation visits and schedules. Assists in the follow-up studies resulting from evaluation. 
Promotes a culture of evidence, through which indicators of performance are regularly developed and data are collected to inform institutional decision making, planning and improvement. 
Participates in conceptualizing and implementing all WSCUC activities for all degree programs under the Graduate Program. 
Promotes institutional engagement on issues of educational effectiveness and student learning. Promotes active interchange of ideas among faculty to improve educational effectiveness. 
Develops systems for institutional review and evaluation to build on evidence, support rigorous reviews, reduce the burden of accreditation and add value to the institution. 
Assists in recruitment of new students through campus tours and visits with faculty. Follows up with students in the admissions process including maintaining admission files and answering questions. Assists in the coordination and management of Admissions Interview and New Student Orientation. 
Manages department staff and ensures goals and objectives are completed within established budget and deadlines are met. Provides coaching and a support work environment for staff/project members to gain knowledge and skills and meet the needs of the organization. Communicates changes in priorities, goals and objectives, leads implementations, and organizational change efforts. Responsible for hiring, onboarding, managing schedules, personnel actions, performance reviews, and performance improvement plans for direct staff.

Qualification Requirements/Preferences: 
Education Certifications/Licensure Experience Physical Abilities Educational Requirements: 
Bachelors Degree required. 


5 years Experience participating in WASC accreditation process including design and measurement expertise, research activities, and compliance/practices. 
Experience with academic institutional procedures as they relate to graduate student affairs. 
Demonstrated skill in organizing and coordinating meetings and activities to facilitate WASC meetings and teams. 
Experience analyzing information, problems, situations, practices or procedures to recommend changes for improvement in the WASC development program. 

Physical Demands: (e.g., lifting, standing, walking) 
Able to perform moderate lifting. Able to sit, stand and walk for prolonged periods of time. Able to read papers and online documents. Able to operate standard office equipment. Able to exercise physical ability and perspective acuity to satisfactorily perform essential job functions.

  • Working Title: Manager, Graduate Education
  • Business Entity: CSMC - Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
  • Cost Center # - Cost Center Name: 0801097 - The PhD Program
  • City: Los Angeles
  • Job Category: Management/Professional
  • Job Specialty: Manager
  • Position Type: Regular-F/T
  • Shift Length: 8hr
  • Hours: 8am - 5pm
  • Days: Monday - Friday
  • Shift Type: Day
  • Weekends: None


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