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Partnership and Early Learning Network Director


Renton, WA, USA

Salary for this position is  $115,250 per year, plus benefits. This position is open until filled with first review of applications for interview consideration on July 15th. Interviews will be held July 30th.  


Renton School District Job Description
Partnership and Early Learning Network Director
This job description is subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the District and does not establish a contract for employment.

Reports to: Chief of Schools
Bargaining Unit: Directors                                                                                                     Level: 1
FLSA Status: Exempt                                                                                  Revised Date: 6/28/2018 

Primary Purpose

The position of Partnership and Early Learning Network Director is a grant-funded position created to establish leadership capacity within Renton School District (RSD) to rapidly increase partnerships to increase early learning opportunities and family and community engagement (FACE) opportunities in the Renton Innovation Zone (RIZ). This director will be responsible for developing a vision and strategic plans, leading teams to use improvement science methods to implement those plans and collaboration with community-based organizations (CBO) to align strategies to rapidly increase services to children and families. 

Minimum Qualifications


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in educational administration, counseling or social work preferred.
  2. Five years’ experience in teaching, education, community organizing, and/or social service experience or equivalent combination of degree and experience.
  3. Experience developing and delivering academic workshops.
  4. Administrative experience in a public school setting preferred.
  5. Background check through Washington State Patrol, as required by RCW 43.43.830. Fees apply.


Requirements within 60 days of Employment


  1. Online workplace training.


Essential Functions

The list of essential functions in this job description is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as determined by an appropriate administrator and Human Resources.

  1. Develop and lead strategies to increase family and community partnerships.
  2. Use improvement science methods to convene and facilitate teams to rapidly establish service or improve existing services or practice.
  3. Lead continuous improvement cycles of inquiry such as Plan-Do-Study-Act by schools and community partners.
  4. Collaborate with Renton Innovation Zone (RIZ) Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Coordinator.
  5. Provide support to school-based FACE Teams.
  6. Serve in a leadership capacity as the RSD liaison to the RIZ Partnership Steering Committee and regional professional organizations as appropriate.
  7. Cultivate and sustain district and school level partnerships with outside service, non-profit, and government organizations to increase services to students and families in the RIZ.
  8. Establish and maintain data-sharing agreements with district and school partners.
  9. Lead grant tracking and reporting requirements.
  10. Partner with organizations in the RIZ that have received Best Starts for Kids or other grants to support the RIZ initiatives to ensure effective implementation.
  11. Set expectations, guide and monitor partnership service delivery within RIZ schools.
  12. Participate in continuous learning and sharing of best practices across RIZ schools, district and Road Map region.
  13. Continually assess and lead strategies to improve both quantity and quality of early learning opportunities in the RIZ.
  14. Establish relationships with early learning providers in the RIZ.
  15. Develop and lead a plan to increase district-offered early learning programming including early entrance, ECEAP, and Head Start.
  16. Assist CBOs in developing funding and programing for Birth to 5 services.
  17. Provide leadership and input to RIZ schools on parent engagement practices for Birth to 5 and PK-3 families.
  18. Identify and ensure the implementation of effective professional learning for Birth to 5 and PK-3 families and staff in the RIZ.
  19. Collaborate with Assessment Department on WAKids and TSGold assessments and lead schools in effectively utilizing this data.
  20. Assist with related budget development.
  21. Maintain regular attendance; adhere to board policy and the mutually bargained leave and attendance terms as stated in the collective bargaining agreement.
  22. Other duties as assigned by the building principal as related to student success.


Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


  1. Demonstrated experience convening groups of people towards a common goal.
  2. Successful experience working with students, staff, parents, and community in highly diverse settings.
  3. Demonstrated ability to work independently and build collegial relationships.
  4. Successful experience and demonstrated interest in working with high needs youth, families, and communities.
  5. Demonstrated ability to deal with students and families in a caring, confident, and confidential manner.
  6. Demonstrated ability to creatively problem solve with input from school staff and families.
  7. Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with certificated staff, program and building administrators and classified staff.



Reports to the Chief of School Improvement.  Supervises assigned staff. Interacts regularly with building administrators, administrative support staff, other directors, and human resources staff. Interacts with certificated and classified staff throughout the district. Contacts with individuals outside of the district include contacts with families and various community and regional groups (OSPI, ESD).
As a senior leader, the director must work closely with colleagues and the directors in the Department of Learning and Teaching to develop and execute plans to grow organizational capacity for culturally responsive practices and equity

Working Conditions

The daily work is performed in an office setting and at various sites within the district. The job incumbent is frequently required to: attend evening meetings or activities; be accessible during off-hours to return to work in emergencies; be exposed to computer display terminal for prolonged periods; work long hours beyond normal work day; and deal with sensitive, confidential information. The incumbent is sometimes required to: represent the district on potentially controversial matters; sit for prolonged periods; lift or carry heavy objects; stand for prolonged periods; deal with distraught, angry or hostile individuals; and meet externally imposed and inflexible deadlines.


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