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Fort Worth, TX, USA

Catholic Charities Fort Worth, Texas has an immediate need for a dynamic and courageous President/CEO to carry forward the agency’s vision of ending poverty, one family at a time. Become part of this amazing mission by joining an innovative team that is helping people in our community and across the nation find new hope and a stable future.

About CCFW
Catholic Charities Fort Worth (CCFW), is an enterprising nonprofit with a belief that ending poverty is possible. Our diverse services, poverty solutions, and income-generating social enterprises help tens of thousands in our 28-county diocese each year, most of whom are the working poor, some of whom are even Catholic. We strategically challenge the way poverty is addressed nationwide by scrupulously testing our own case management methods through research partnerships, exporting our known solutions to other nonprofits, and serving as a resource for what works on Capitol Hill. We have been entrusted with a 108-year legacy of doing good and have a bold goal to end poverty for 10,000 families in our community by 2026.

CCFW’s mission is to provide service to those in need, to advocate compassion and justice in the structures of society, and to call all people of goodwill to do the same. We are rooted in Catholic teachings that say the poor have the moral claim on the conscience of the nation. We approach all our work through prayer and our relationship with Christ to strengthen our purpose. We utilize every resource we have so we can serve our clients in the most effective and efficient way possible. 

We don’t just want people to subsist in poverty. We want people to move out of crisis and to a place where they can thrive. Ending poverty isn’t just something that will help those affected. It will impact everyone. 

CCFW is transforming the way our nation addresses poverty through opportunities to testify about our case management strategies before Congress, and to share what works with the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), the Aspen Economic Strategy Group, Independent Sector, the Philanthropy Roundtable, the Catholic Charities USA network, and others dedicated to finding an end to poverty. CCFW’s strategies have been featured in Oren Cass’s new book The Once and Future Worker, AEI’s book This Way Up, and a National Public Radio series of stories on ending poverty. CCFW is actively expanding its successful Stay the Course TM college persistence research project throughout the Fort Worth-based Tarrant County College system and replicating the project in other communities nationwide in order to contribute to the growing body of evidence about what works to end poverty. 

CCFW has a 2018 operating budget of $46M, with $2.5M in reserves and a $10.3M endowment. The agency is on track to meet its 2018 fundraising goal of $9.8M.


CCFW’s President/CEO has had three direct reports:

  • Chief Operating Officer (COO) responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the agency. CCFW’s COO has 3 years’ tenure at the agency and expertise in integrating people, processes, and resources to fuel sustained organizational performance.
  • Head of the CEO Office responsible for supporting the President/CEO in the external work of the agency, including public relations, research and evaluation, policy and advocacy, VIP fundraising, and strategic planning. The Head of CCFW’s CEO Office has 3 years’ tenure at the agency and experience managing teams, developing new opportunities, and executing high-level plans. 
  • An Executive Assistant

Other agency officers and senior leaders are supervised by the COO and include:

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with 13 years’ tenure at CCFW and licensure as a Certified Public Accountant
  • Chief Services Officer (CSO) with 5 years’ tenure at CCFW, 27 years of experience in the social services field, and recognition as a Texas Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and board-approved LPC Supervisor
  • Head of Advancement with 20 years’ tenure at CCFW
  • Head of Technology with 1 years’ tenure at CCFW
  • Head of Human Resources with 3 years’ tenure at CCFW
  • Head of Social Enterprises with 1 years’ tenure at CCFW

Position Summary
CCFW’s President/CEO leads the agency to carry out its mission, vision, values and strategic plan. The President/CEO provides overall leadership, direction, coordination, and evaluation of the whole agency, and serves as the face of CCFW with donors, the public, policymakers, and other stakeholders. The President/CEO’s overarching focus is to position CCFW to end poverty, one family at a time.

The following behaviors are necessary for success:

  • Uphold CCFW’s mission, vision, values, and service philosophy in all aspects of the agency, including business practices, client services, staffing responsibilities, and community involvement. 
  • Demonstrate a progressive, forward-thinking, visionary attitude about the growth and potential of CCFW’s mission and work.
  • Provide the overall leadership for CCFW. Ensure a culture where those involved in the organization feel engaged and a part of the mission.
  • Work in collaboration with the Board of Directors.
  • Manage staff with professionalism and skill, specifically working closely with the COO and Senior Leadership Team.
  • Generate and monitor the implementation of a strategic plan for the agency. 
  • Exercise collaborative efforts with the Diocese of Fort Worth, parishes and other churches, other social service organizations, companies, institutions, and officials to develop and expand services that benefit our clients and the community.
  • Develop and preserve relationships with foundations, trusts, companies, organizations, and individuals who could become donors or funding sources. Work in collaboration with the Advancement division and Board of Directors to raise the funds necessary to do the work of CCFW.
  • Serve as the face of CCFW to the public. 

This position reports directly to the CCFW Board of Directors.

Base Job Qualifications

  • A belief that ending poverty is possible
  • Catholic in good standing
  • Master’s degree in social work, business, or related field
  • Can articulate and demonstrate the ability to oversee the management of all facets of the agency
  • At least five years of executive experience
  • A resident of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth

Required Competencies
CCFW solicited feedback from a variety of stakeholders on the most critical qualifications and priorities for the new President/CEO. The following ideas were identified as most important for the success of the President/CEO and the good of CCFW. 

Visionary outlook. You are always looking ahead and see problems before others do. You live by the importance of solving for tomorrow, today. You dream big, trusting in your strong team to execute the details. You are not afraid to walk where no one has gone before, knowing if no one tries, nothing will change. You don’t settle for the status quo and are unafraid to say “no” to one thing in order to say “yes” to something better.   

Unwavering commitment. You know that ending poverty is possible; now your work is to figure out how to get there. You show your ability to execute a big idea by doing what you say you will do and holding your team accountable. You believe that research and evaluation is the key to improving and finding what works for the good of the people we serve. You have a strong personal faith and don’t compromise Catholic values for a quick win. Everything you lead the agency to do ties back to our goal to end poverty.

Connecting with people. You build trust with your COO, Senior Leadership Team, and CCFW staff through humility, vulnerability, and listening. You understand how important relationships are to sustainable fundraising and show it by deeply and thoughtfully cultivating your VIP donors. You are a polished speaker who can captivate a room – whether it’s an intimate gathering of Fort Worth donors or a Congressional hearing on Capitol Hill. You are always looking for opportunities to connect everyone you meet to the mission and work of CCFW and have a knack for getting people on board.  

Seasoned leadership. You’ve led a large organization, with the budget and staff that comes with it. You are ready to leverage your experience to amplify CCFW’s end-poverty work. You know how to build up, empower, and hold accountable others around you so CCFW has the leaders it needs for the future. You radiate the belief that CCFW is one tribe and know that you are just one person on a large team of skilled and passionate professionals working to end poverty. You are generous with your knowledge and ideas but know when to sit back and let someone else shine. 

Preferred Competencies

Preference will be given to candidates with the following experience and abilities:

  • Experience using the Benevon fundraising model
  • Experience using the Entrepreneurial Operating System and Traction Tools
  • Experience with talent selection and development using tools such as Gallup’s Engagement Survey, Gallup’s StrengthsFinder Assessment, and Culture Index

Compensation and Benefits

Salary and benefits are competitive and commensurate with experience, qualifications, and verifiable salary history. CCFW offers a variety of benefits including medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. Our employees can participate in a retirement plan with a generous 6% match. A progressive paid leave plan allows you to earn more time off the longer you are employed, and we provide paid time off for 12 designated holidays each year. This is a full-time, exempt position. 

Catholic Charities Fort Worth is an equal opportunity employer. 


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