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About Us

OUR ROLE IN HELPING NON-PROFITS RECRUIT TALENT's job board has been serving the non-profit, government, education and health sectors since 1999. Our goal is to be the most efficient, online source for connecting mission and talent. The largest and the smallest of non-profit and government employers use to fill executive, mid-level and fundraising positions.

We are a leading online talent source with more than 75,000 active members in our Member Registry. Our website receives thousands of daily visits from potential candidates who are experienced and mission-driven. Job postings start at $99 and there are never any additional fees when a job is filled through us. The site is entirely free and confidential for job seekers.


By posting your job announcements one time, in one place, on, your positions gain exposure far beyond the services of our main site! First, all jobs on are also on our companion site,

Further, our positions are available on Indeed, Twitter and Facebook. This added exposure on a wide variety of internet sources from your one-time posting on drives targeted traffic to your job announcement. One time. One stop.

Employers and recruiters provide job details through our job posting page which is accessed after creating a new account. When a job opening is posted, employers are asked to identify job function(s), non-profit sub-sector(s), geographic region(s) and to input key words related to the position. These parameters are matched daily against our Member Registry using's proprietary software and algorithms. Suitable candidates receive a confidential email alerting them to the opening. Candidates respond directly to employers/recruiters per the instructions in the posting. For added exposure, all postings also appear on and in our member newsletter.


In a word: confidentiality. Members create a profile and their information is held in confidence. We proactively communicate with our membership when a need for their talent exists. In this way, ideally suited talent is able to respond to the need, either directly or through referral of a colleague. Membership is free.

Mission-driven individuals are encouraged to become members to keep abreast of important needs they or a colleague might fill. All members are matched against all open positions every 24 hours. Simply stated, we match the right member(s) with the right role(s) in a confidential environment that works in the best interests of both our members and our clients.


F. Jay Hall, Managing Director and Founder

F. Jay Hall is passionate about his work with not-for-profit organizations, and has a vision for how his ten year old company can contribute to the mission of non-profits. More...

Karen Alphonse, Executive Consultant

Karen Alphonse, Executive Consultant at, is a graduate of Harvard-Radcliffe and Columbia Universities. More...