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Search Services connects energetic leaders with mission-driven organizations. Our search services are designed to meet our clients' specific needs because of our flexibility. We give clients the flexibility to identify and contract for the specific help they need in keeping with their priorities and budgets.

We offer complete search services as well as specific services targeted to client needs. Clients benefit from targeted and efficient search completion, a successful hire, and leadership that moves their missions forward.

During the consultation, at no fee, we will clarify your needs and determine if we can assist in a successful hire at substantial savings compared to traditional searches. To set up an appointment to discuss your search needs, please call (888) 238-6611.'s solutions include

What do you need to succeed?

Our flexibility and experience allow clients to strike the right balance between in-house capabilities and outside resource efficiency. We work closely with you, in any combination, to fit your priorities, schedule and budget. You can select services to meet your individual needs.

Search Solutions

Every search is unique as are each organization's needs and strengths in conducting it. Many clients have used us to accomplish the following aspects of the search process to save time, money or both.


Start-up and Publicity



References and Candidate Profiles

Negotiation and Hiring


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